Subjects Description CFU Class hours
BUSINESS ORGANIZATION (Mandatory) The course aims to:
  • Provide an integrated reading of organizational processes;
  • Understand organizational behaviors;
  • Explain the theme of organizational design.
3 18
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (Mandatory) The course explores themes that are crucial to the world we live in: how the economic system works, how businesses work, how resources are allocated and coordinated to reach the set goals. 3 18
FINANCIALS (Mandatory) The course aims to develop advanced skills needed to interpret, analyze and evaluate the financial information presented in the Prepared Financial Statements under EU directives. 3 18
PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Mandatory) The course aims to:
  • Put participants in a position to organize work in the perspective of achieving a goal, whatever the type and complexity, so as to ensure that the expected benefits are achieved.
  • Bring participants to develop a managerial mentality and a strong attitude towards problem solving.
7 42
PROCESS MODELLING (Mandatory) The purpose of the course is to introduce participants to the basic concepts of the Organization and to transfer professional knowledge and skills through Businnes Process Reengineering. 3 18


Subjects Description CFU Class hours
ERP ARCHITECTURE (Mandatory) The course aims to acquire the main knowledge about the architecture and operation of corporate information systems, and to understand how these systems should be integrated in order to manage and optimize business operations. 7 42
SAP CERTIFICATION HUB (Tesi) (Mandatory) Certifications are globally reconnected and represent a guarantee of professional skills acquired in a specific business area through rigorous training and a true hands-on experience. 5 24
INTERNSHIP (Mandatory) Stage planned at companies active in Italy and abroad 14  

SAP Learning Hub

To choose 3 among these courses

Subjects Description CFU Self-Study Hours
SAP LEARNING HUB - EXTENDED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT EWM is an integrated software platform for flexible and automated support for product handling and inventory management in the warehouse. 5 30
SAP LEARNING HUB - HYBRIS MARKETING SAP Hybris is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that meets the Digital Business Transormation requirements: E-commerce, Marketing, Billing, Sales and Service - all in one platform. 5 30
SAP LEARNING HUB - FASHION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION SAP Fashion Management is an integrated solution to bring the fashion business processes into a single system. This solution allows you to manage your business processes in a unique way and with consolidated information. 5 30


Subjects Class hours
ENGLISH (ROAD TO C1) (Lab) (Mandatory) 90
PLACEMENT (Lab) (Mandatory) 40