I level - II level and high specialization University Master in “Innovation and Technology Management”  

60 CFU, A.A. 2017/2018



Location  Università per Stranieri “Dante Alighieri” di Reggio Calabria
 Addres Via Del Torrione 95, Reggio Calabria (RC)
Title of the master “Innovation and Technology Management” - A.A. 2017/2018
Type of course II Level Master
Reference Website http://www.formazione.medalics.org
Price of the Master  € 10.000,00 (€2.000,00 of scholarship if pre-registered)


The didactic plan of the master is divided in three modules: The Functional Module courses have the purpose to provide the basic elements to understand the inter-company processes, the Technical Module courses – High level of specialization – aim to create an highly professional figure who is required by today's market; The Language Module will provide language skills of Business English, based on the previous knowledge of the partecipants.

During the training course is expected the frequency of the Orientation Module based on the following subject: tools for creating Start Up, Effective Communication and CV Processing.

  N. Of Courses N. of hours of classroom lession N. of hours for Labs, exercises, teamwork, application project, insights, tutoring
Functional Module 5 114 80
Technical Module 5 156 105
Language Module 1 54 30
Orientation Module 1 18 10
Total 12 405 225

Functional Module (CFU 16):

  1. Business Organization - 27 hours;
  2. Business Management - 27 hours;
  3. Financials - 27 hours;
  4. Project Management - 45 hours;
  5. Process Modelling - 18 hours;

Labs, exercises, teamwork, application project, insights, tutoring - total: 80 hours.

Technical Module(CFU 21):

  1. ERP Architecture – self-learning 54 hours;
  2. Sap Learning Hub - Extended Warehouse Management – self-learning 36 hours;
  3. Sap Learning Hub - Hybris Marketing – self-learning 36 hours;
  4. Sap Learning Hub - Fashion Management Solution – self-learning 36 hours;
  5. Sap Certification Hub – self-learning 27 hours;

Labs, exercises, teamwork, application project, insights, tutoring - total: 105 hours.

Language Module(CFU 6):

  1. Business English - 54 hours;

Labs, exercises, teamwork, application project, insights, tutoring - total: 30 hours.

Orientation Module(CFU 2):

  1. Tools for creating Start Up, Effective Communication and CV Processing – 18 hours.

Labs, exercises, teamwork, application project, insights, tutoring - total: 10 hours.

Stage/Internship (CFU 14)

Thesis(CFU 1)

The Learning Hub self-learning Modules are aimed to get the SAP Certification on the applications listed.

The Project Work will be developed in te context of the internship and will have as objective the production of a final work based on the internship's activities related to the software programming using the modules of the SAP management application .


The internship will be structured based on the inclinations and aspirations of the students involved. The University has a large number of conventions with private companies and professional studies; and, related to the master, will activate a support service for the internship where the students will be able to have the best meeting point between supply and demand.

The internship will last for a minimum of 350 hours in a time span of minimum 2 month and a maximum of 6 month. The number of hours  upgradeable with the requests of the host organization and the student involved.


The didactic location of the Master is the Università per Stranieri “Dante Alighieri” of Reggio Calabria - addr: Via del Torrione 95.

The classroom where the activities will be performed is provided of PC with internet connection, beamer, whiteboard.

The studente are authorized to use the computer classroom, the printer and the photocopier (if necessary). Furthermore will be provided, by the univerity, personal credentials for the Wi-Fi connection present on the campus.

The teachers will produce a relevant teaching materials and they will provide usefull indications about bibliography to use.

The teaching material will be available to students requesting it in secretariat. However the teaching material of the lessions will be updated on the E-learning platform or will be emailed.


The Master aims to fit into a very important segment of today's job market, with the creation of figures able to move easily and deeply in business processes, to check the effectiveness and efficiency of this processes, to implement new tools to optimizing business flows, analyzing the value of strategic choices and suggesting scenarios for competitive development.

The Master combines the most useful tools for enterprise management from a strategic, analytical, economic and infrastructural point of view.

The training offer will allow students to design a technical infrastructure that meets the company's business needs and decline its implementation into a program that leverages the various SAP application modules, coherently to the time required for enterprise implementation and business flows.


To remain competitive on today's dynamic markets, there is a need to gain skills and attitudes that generate flexibility, proactivity, dynamism and a high entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition, a partnership with K2, a leader in recruiting and head hunting, that offer collaboration in real-time identification of the professional needs of the market, enabling to modulate - in the final stage of the master - the offer Training dedicated to meeting point of demand and job supply. The expected result is a market placement rate close to 100% within three months of the end of training activities.

Main Employment Opportunities:

  • Directional and strategic consulting company;
  • Companies with High Innovative and Technology Oriented Potentials;
  • Start-Up;
  • ICT and service companies;
  • National and international industrial and commercial companies;
  • System Integration Company;
  • AA;
  • Professional Studies;
  • Banks and insurance.


The Italian and foreign students of the EU and non-EU students holding the four-year degree (old ordinance) or a master's degree / specialization or one-cycle degree (new ordinance) at Italian Universities or Other title of study such as those cited recognized according to the current legislation.

As outlined in art. In the 11th paragraph of Section 11.1 of the Notice, the activation announcement of the Master's degree program will stipulate that "a part of the seats will be reserved for the children and orphans of the members of the unit management of credit and social benefits and children and orphans of users of the INPS Public Employees Management".

A B1 level English language knowledge is required in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (QCER).


Following placement actions:

  • Career Day Organization, events created to promote the encounter and confrontation between course leaders and business and organization representatives who are given the opportunity to personally select the resources by looking at the CVs between a pool of candidates with the goal of identifying Profiles that meet the real needs and conduct a cognitive interview aimed at verifying the consistency between the aspirations of the candidate, the content of the course and the professional outlets;
  • Support for Italian and English language curricula;
  • Presentation of the formative submission documents (Master's presentation letter by the Director, educational form of the training course with indication and description of the individual lessons);
  • CV BOOK and CV Resume, in paper and electronic form, containing all curricula of the Italian and English language courses;
  • Use mailing lists of companies with the University;
  • Direct marketing via phone or mail.



  • Attendees will bring their own devices (i.e. laptop and smartphone)


  • Your education doesn’t stop when you complete the course. Your SAP Learning and Certification Hub license will be personally valid for 12 months from the date it is activated, even after you finish the course