Today’s work market is looking for integrated and flexible skills. Today’s companies are looking indeed for adaptive resources, able to cooperate with the different business roles which the business is made by. The competitive advantage in the work market is then made by the ability to understand the intercompany processes and to use the information produced by the business. A structured management of the data produced by the company IT systems enables the knowledge of the enterprise processes, allowing to provide the steering group with all the information needed for a strong and conscious governance.


    This course is aiming to catch a very important segment of the today’s work market, training people able to flexibly analyse the business processes and their KPIs, verifying their efficiency and effectiveness and eventually drafting an optimization strategy. Those resources will also be able to analyse the key decisions and to suggest development scenarios. This course is indeed mixing all the best knowledges about management, strategy, business analysis and IT architecture. At the end of the course the trainee will be able to draft an IT infrastructure coherent with the business needs and to plan its implementation using SAP as keystone of the architecture.

Competences provided

Specific competences

SAP modules (accordingly to the market requirement)

English language
(C1 European level)

General competences

Process modelling

Business management

IT architecture

Project planning and management (waterfall and agile methodologies)

Soft skills


International business partner relationship management

International business cases


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